Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Crack & License Key {Tested}


Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Information

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Crack & License Key {Tested}

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Final syndicates the leading Steganos Security software products Steganos Safe & Steganos Password Manager with additional features that are only offered in the Privacy Suite. Workers are able of encoding delicate data such as business reports, TANl lists/holiday photographs; thanks to a vibrant & informal menu navigation on the computer system, in networks & in the cloud. PIN codes for every online account may be made instinctively & are modestly managed & organized, regardless if it is a computer unit, smartphone or tablet PC. By utilizing Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Crack, you are capable of deleting all browsing data & histories in just a single click of a button. Furthermore, you may now block tracking & ads before info about you is stored & upsurge your secrecy by an anonymized browser.

Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Key Features:

Generate & manage stout PIN codes

  • Have you ever left your front door open? Do you use a single key at the same time for your house, car & office? Would you put your confidence in a totally unknown person with your keys? Understandably, not.
  • PIN codes are the doorway to your modern & digital lifetime. The diversity & quality of your secluded passcodes is critical for online safety.
  • Trying to come up with more & more passcodes for your growing number of accounts & trying to recollect them all is practically not possible all the times when you need to choose one.
  • Steganos Password Manager 18 provides a comfy way out as it generates extremely strong passcodes, instinctively puts them on websites where you need to login & keep them preserved for you to log in again anytime. You just have to recall one password for this app only.

Securely encrypt delicate data

  • Private papers, business archives & TAN lists all fit in in a safe place. Steganos Safe 18 is a digital cellar that safeguards all the thing you don’t need anybody else to look into.
  • The plainly planned UI assures that this exceptionally pro security application is intuitive & very handy to use.
  • Steganos Safe 18 defends all sorts of delicate data on your computer, in networks or in the cloud storage; thanks to hi-tech “384-bit AES-XES encryption” with AES-NI Hardware acceleration facility.
  • For over a time, Steganos Privacy Suite 18 License Key has been identical to reliable shield against data intruders & hackers. In the meantime, Steganos was established, the encryption utilized in its software has not ever been cracked. There is no backdoors & Steganos Privacy Suite 18 Keygen stocks no master passcodes.

What’s New in Steganos Privacy Suite 18.0.2 Revision 12068?

  • Novel optimized Shredder for protected, irreversible data removal
  • Latest Webcam defense
  • New optimized Steganos Crypt & Hide to hide subtle data in your images or your music collection
  • Fresh Microsoft Edge Password Manager browser plugin facility
  • New intuitive and welcoming UI
  • Latest email encryption drove by Mynigma
  • Novel optimized Internet TraceDestructor
  • Innovative backup assistant for Steganos Safe, to assure safes are repeatedly transferred to backup media
  • Optimized Portable Safes for USB drives, CD/DVD or Blu-ray disc
  • Redesigned browser plug-ins for Firefox & Chrome
  • Spontaneously expanding Safes that save your valued flash drive storage space

AES-XEX encryption along with 384 bits (IEEE P1619) in addition to AES-NI Hardware acceleration for optimum defense counter to robes, intruders & intelligence services

  • Unlocked safe faultlessly assimilates itself in Windows like a disk drive & may be utilized from within any app
  • Steganos Safe not only encodes your content but also discreetly hides it in an image, part of music or a video if required
  • Anodyne size up to 2TB
  • Defends your online confidentiality by preventing tracking along with advertisements & types your browser as anonymous
  • Smoothly configure safes in personal home network
  • Supports data encryption in Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox & MagentaCLOUD
  • Safes are now easy to move & delete
  • Picture passwords (PicPass) facility
  • Steganos Shredder lastingly terminates files

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10

Steganos Privacy Suite 18.0.2 Revision 12068 Screenshots:

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